• Whether you keep yo-yo dieting and creating self denying diet rituals, you feel overweight and crave unhealthy foods that sabotage your weight-loss efforts, or whether you keep being prisoner of thoughts about food and calorie counting, this personalized program is for you.

  • This is also for you if you have not been able to find lasting freedom from food addictions, keep feeling stuck with negative body image, blame, shame and compulsive eating.

  • If you experience anxiety, exhaustion, joint pain and overall inflammation and do not feel like you have any support, accountability and encouragement to follow a healthy path.

My approach supports women in addressing their mind and body together through powerful tools for generating a healthy and harmonious state in the “Body-Mind” – the state which allows the body's natural healing intelligence to work at its most effective level, while recognizing and overcoming habits that aren’t serving you. My ultimate goal is to provide you with support, accountability, encouragement and the tools to create a step by step path to break free from craving and emotional eating and break free from the cycles of weight gain/loss. My signature 8 week program will enable you to move forward in life, feeling happier, empowered, motivated, energized, and purpose-driven. I will craft unique experiences based on your specific needs. 

What it includes

  • A 45 min online kickoff visioning session via phone or Skype to establish your goals and outcomes

  • Once a week (8 weeks), customized, 50-minute one-on-one sessions, either online or in the comfort of your home (in Atlanta)

  • 4 personalized yoga classes. We will use movement, meditation, visualization and breathing techniques for acquiring a deep sense of strength, ease and connection with the body. You will receive a daily routine so you are able to practice on your own.

  • Templates, handouts and easy to implement strategies to make and sustain a lifestyle change based on your schedule and personal goals.

  • Summary, notes, recipes and action step recommendations after each session

  • Result driven action steps

  • The flexibility to add customized, 50-minute one-on-one wellness coaching sessions whenever you need them during and after the program for an additional fee.

    Let’s make your dream come true right now – join me to begin living empowered and happy today!

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