From the minute a woman finds out she’s pregnant, it is her responsibility to know how her every thought, choice and action, including the foods she eats, how she births, and how she will carry out a healthy pregnancy will impact her child. For as a parent, you are now not only accountable for your own life, but the life you have created and by extension, all the lives that life touches. Its a ripple effect!

I challenge you to be open to possibilities, see what is available to you and examine what you want and don’t want to create the outcome you desire for your birth. Every choice you make as a parent affects the outcome of your birthing experience and the birth of your baby. Your empowerment begins in making those choices that can change the direction of you baby’s life. Knowledge is power and without acknowledging that your choices matter, you won’t make better choices.

I will be writing a series of blogs to talk about BIRTH CHOICES. It is my hope I can be of service to you and assist you into making the best choices for your empowered and conscious birthing experience.